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Everyone at Inspire has a seat at the table, including our interns.
Pull up a chair or grab a stool and check out everything our intern
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What We Bring to the Table
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Projects That Matter This isn't a coffee making and paper sorting internship. Interns participate in a variety of projects that will focus on initiatives that support the functional area as determined by the scope of work.
Paid & Full-Time Program This is a full-time program that pays competitively compared to other businesses. The internship runs 12 weeks in duration throughout the summer. 
Learning & Growing Opportunities We provide learning opportunities that go beyond what you learned in the classroom. As each intern grows into becoming a stronger business professional, we at Inspire Brands grow as well. 

Intern Program Experience

“I really did get to work on real problems and projects connected to Inspire Brands’ vision. It's also very clear that people cared about the internship program and that my team cared about me.  Nobody treated me like 'the intern'; everyone treated me like a real person and found ways that I could work on their projects in a measurable way. Which is exactly what I was looking for in an internship: a job where I not only got to see what happens in a real-world business, but affect it too.”
Samuel Cartford Data Science Intern - International
"I was drawn to Inspire's program specifically because it is hands-on. It has been great to see the projects I have worked on this summer actually having an impact. Inspire's investment in the program is intentional. I've also enjoyed the opportunity to meet other people in different departments and gather career insights that will aid me as I transition into the workforce."
Laura Veloso Instructional Design Intern
"I wanted to try something new and not just fetch coffee. I wanted to bring value to the company and have my ideas be heard. During this internship, I was an asset to my team and the bigger picture. The hands-on experience I received is far beyond what I imagined I would be doing as an intern. This internship was my confirmation of the career path I want to take."
Maya Ray Meetings & Events Intern
"I was looking for an internship where I could get the most experience and value. The structure of the Inspire program allows you to be integrated into the everyday culture. Being able to work on a specific project all summer that is relevant to the business needs has been the most valuable aspect to me."
Sammi Gilfillan Creative Services Intern

From Intern to Full-Time 

"I accepted a full-time offer at BWW because I knew where I was headed with the company and wanted to stay in the marketing department (I’m a business marketing major). The workflow, atmosphere and constant career growth is what really pulled me in."
Teresa Ibinger Associate Manager Beverage Innovation, former Marketing Intern 
"If you’re considering applying for an Inspire internship, don’t hesitate to do it. It was a fantastic experience that allowed me to see so many different sides of the business. I was immediately welcomed to the team and felt valued as an intern. I couldn’t ask for anything more out of an internship experience."
Jimmy Beck Social Media Supervisor, former Digital and Social Media Intern

"During my internship, not only was I treated like a member of the team, but I was also provided incredible opportunities to learn about roles outside of my specific internship and network with people throughout the company."

Hannah Bartle Field Marketing Coordinator, former Brand Communications Intern
"As an intern, I was fortunate to demonstrate effective results for the company in a short amount of time. By being full-time, I am able to continuously increase my efforts to advance the Arby’s brand. This transition was undoubtedly an exciting, new opportunity to further expand the passions that I have and enabled me to become more involved with taking on larger projects/initiatives. "
Michael Nguyen
Social Media Supervisor, former Product Development Intern
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