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What We Bring to the Table
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Projects That Matter This isn't a coffee making and paper sorting internship. Interns participate in a variety of projects that will focus on initiatives that support the functional area as determined by the scope of work.
Paid & Full-Time Program This is a full-time program that pays competitively compared to other businesses. The internship runs 10 weeks in duration throughout the summer. 
Learning & Growing Opportunities We provide learning opportunities that go beyond what you learned in the classroom. As each intern grows into becoming a stronger business professional, we at Inspire Brands grow as well. 
Flavorful Experiences We ignite flavorful experiences by providing interns access to professional development workshops and exciting intern events. We equip our interns with skills that allow their careers to thrive.

Fostering relationships for the next generation of
​​​​​​​Mavericks and Good Citizens. 

Watch the video below to discover the invaluable journey our interns experience. 

Intern Program Experience

“My internship at Inspire Brands provided an incredible experience to connect with professionals in my interest area and understand how a business is run. I had a fantastic team that went out of their way to make me feel welcome and valued. The work environment was especially fun, and I learned a great deal about my internship area. I couldn’t have asked for a better internship experience!”
Kaleb Fitzpatrick 2022 Global Supply Chain & Procurement Intern
“My internship experience at Inspire Brands has been extremely rewarding. As an intern, I have been able to connect with both young and experienced professionals while working on the iconic brands that come together to create Inspire. I have not only built upon my network but also my portfolio, so that I have tangible work to look back on and be proud of. Inspire is a supportive and inclusive environment that encourages innovation, which allows Inspire and its employees to grow every day.”
Olivia Strauss 2022 Internal Communications Intern 
“Inspire Brands gave me the tools and opportunities to learn and grow my skills. My team supported me and my projects, and the work was relevant and eye-opening to the different aspects of my field. I'm grateful to have had such an enriching internship experience this Summer.”
Jared Rubenstein 2022 Multimedia Developer Intern 
“I learned so much about Recruitment Marketing while working at Inspire Brands, largely thanks to my supervisor and team who welcomed me into a variety of projects that visibly improved the recruiting process for candidates. There was always something to look forward to with different events and activities around the office. This internship experience taught me professional and technical skills that I will carry on into my career.”
Vivian Shin 2022 Recruitment Marketing Intern 

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From Intern to Full-Time 

“Throughout my internship with the Inspire Meetings & Events team, not only did I gain experience, but I also gained a support system. My team never fell short in challenging me, including me, valuing my opinions, and setting me up for success in both my professional and personal life. Inspire quickly became a special place for me to grow which is why I didn’t hesitate to join the team full-time when offered!”
Tyler Sturdivant
2021 Meetings & Events Intern to Coordinator, Meetings & Events
“My internship with SONIC and Inspire was one of the richest experiences I have had in my post-undergraduate career. I truly felt integrated into the marketing team and was surrounded by some of the best and brightest in the business. Everyone was quick to give up their time to provide me with a glimpse into all aspects of the marketing department. I continue to look back on those months with such fond memories and continued gratitude as I was able to continue my journey with Inspire and SONIC in a full-time role.”  
Rylea Vowels
2021 Social Media Marketing Intern to Digital Marketing & Integrated Marketing Communications Specialist @ SONIC
“During my internship with Dunkin’ I got the opportunity to work on big projects that allowed me to learn the brand and connect with my cross functional partners early on. My internship experience prepared me well for my current position at Dunkin’ and made the transition to full-time rather seamless.”
Olivia West
2019 Social Media Intern to Associate Manager, Media Strategy & Planning @ Dunkin’ 

"During my internship, not only was I treated like a member of the team, but I was also provided incredible opportunities to learn about roles outside of my specific internship and network with people throughout the company."

Hannah Bartle 2019 Brand Communications Intern to Associate Brand Manager
"I accepted a full-time offer at BWW because I knew where I was headed with the company and wanted to stay in the marketing department (I’m a business marketing major). The workflow, atmosphere and constant career growth is what really pulled me in."
Teresa Ibinger 2017 Beverage Innovation Intern to Associate Product Development Manager, BWW 
"If you’re considering applying for an Inspire internship, don’t hesitate to do it. It was a fantastic experience that allowed me to see so many different sides of the business. I was immediately welcomed to the team and felt valued as an intern. I couldn’t ask for anything more out of an internship experience."
Jimmy Beck 2016 Digital and Social Media Intern to Arby’s – Social Media Manager
"As an intern, I was fortunate to demonstrate effective results for the company in a short amount of time. By being full-time, I am able to continuously increase my efforts to advance the Arby’s brand. This transition was undoubtedly an exciting, new opportunity to further expand the passions that I have and enabled me to become more involved with taking on larger projects/initiatives. "
Michael Nguyen
2013 Product Development Intern to Social Media Supervisor
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